3 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for SEO And Social Media

WordPress is a versatile and the most popular platform to manage content online. WordPress has tons of free WordPress plugins which developers can use to enhance websites functionality.The drag and drop feature in the WordPress dashboard allows easy integration of the plugins in the WordPress site.

Instead of starting everything from scratch for showcasing features and functionality in a WordPress website, developers can just drag and drop a WordPress plugin into the website to exhibit what they intend to.


3 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO And Social Sharing

The WordPress plugin directory is wide and vivid beyond your vision. You can find hundreds of SEO and social media plugins to integrate into your WordPress website while you might be looking just for one. 

The library of the WordPress plugins is too huge to find the best pick for the purpose. As a help to get you sorted for the SEO and social media plugins choices, we have brought you the list of 3 must-have WordPress plugins that are essential for your new WordPress site.

1. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is a lightweight plugin to keep SEO things on track in a WordPress website. This is a feature-rich plugin that enables you to handle both on-page and off-page optimization for your site. 

Both free and paid subscriptions are available for the plugin, you can opt for any based on your requirement. 

2. SEOPress

SEOPress is also a lightweight WordPress plugin that boasts all the necessary features for managing SEO things. It allows easy meta management, optimization for WooCommerce and error-free content analysis. 

The plugin is available with free (for personal website) and premium (for commercial purpose) subscription and does hit hard on pocket.

3. Easy Social Share Buttons

When the purpose is of adding stylish social buttons on your WordPress website, the plugin Easy Social Share Buttons lives up well to your intent. This social media plugin comes with a paid subscription and demonstrates a nice set of features. 

The plugin can be used to manage your social media accounts and track followers without leaving the WordPress site.

How Plugin Integration Serves Your Purpose

The easy plugin integration feature in the WordPress website reduces the stress of writing hefty codes to showcase website functionalities. Easy SEO integration can enable website developers to rank their website high in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

A social media plugin, on the other hand, can help site owners interact with the target audience.

How To Add Plugins to Your WordPress Site?

WordPress dashboard is easy to work with. You have easy access to the plugin directory right in the dashboard where you can download the preferred plugin as per your purpose. You can use the easy drag and drop feature to integrate the desired plugin in the WordPress website.

The SEO Framework

Bottom Line  

Plugin integration brings so many possibilities when it comes to building a WordPress website. They can be the way to achieve milestones set for website design and development.

If you are aiming to go well with the SEO and social media strategies, the three plugins as mentioned above can serve you right on purpose.