At its most basic level, a chat bot is a computer program that can simulate and process human conversation (written word or spoken) that allows humans to communicate with digital devices. Chatbots can be as simple as one-line programs that respond to a simple query, or as sophisticated virtual assistants that learn and adapt. They gather and process data to offer improved customer support and personalization levels using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Whether you realize it or not, chances are that at some point you all have experience of using chatbots. Let’s say you’re searching about a certain product on your computer when a window appears on your screen asking if you need help. Maybe you’re driving to a concert and use your smartphone to request direction via chat. You may have used voice commands to purchase a coffee from your local café and received a response indicating when your order will be ready and how much it will cost. These are just a few use cases in which you may have come into contact with a chatbot. Let’s get some more insight into it.


Natural Language Processing

Chatbots have exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks to significant advances in machine learning and other underlying technologies such as natural language processing. Within the next few years, it can be projected that multiple companies will switch over to chatbot technology, simply for ease of use. Chatbot use allows a company to have less manpower and still complete the same necessary communications with clients.

Chatbots are becoming smarter, more responsive, and more useful, and we’ll see even more of them in the future redefining customer experience. Chatbots process the language communicated to them by users before and respond using a complicated set of algorithms that understand and identify what the user said. After deducing what you intend and/or want, the chatbots will then decide a series of relevant responses based on the data.

Chatbots Overall

Uses of Chatbots in Multiple Industries

The current use of chatbots widely varies based on the need of the industry using them. Some instances when you may have used a chatbot include:

  • IT incident reporting
  • Table Booking
  • Appointment Booking
  • Webinar registration
  • Job application
  • Feedback for services you have received
  • Fitness center booking

As a business owner and a leader in your industry, you could most likely benefit from the services you could receive from using a chatbot.

Collect.Chat for your Chatbot Needs is an excellent choice if you are looking for an easier, build it yourself chatbot. This company offers a drag and drop builder to get your chatbot up and running in no time! You don’t have to be a specialist in coding to get this chatbot working for you!

Imagine the time you would save by not having to answer the phone to schedule a client for your service or what it would be like to get fast, truthful responses to a survey you would like to send out. Collect.Chat is great across multiple industries and, with them, you can even automate a response, so potential clients immediately feel they were heard by your business. is commonly used for websites and wordpress, and across many types of businesses. When you use chatbots as a followup to service, you can have clients take surveys to get an owner much needed feedback, allowing your business to grow.

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Using Tars to Design the best Chatbots for your business

For many business owners, the idea of choosing and setting up a chatbot may seem overwhelming! The Tars Chatbot is the answer to those who may be a bit hesitant to do it alone.

Tars is a full support chatbot system. They pride themselves on having a high quality of support, while keeping the business and setup of chatbots as simple as possible! Tars was created with conversions in mind. In other words, they want to get your clients to choose your business. They do cost a bit more but every client has a designated success manager assigned to assist with getting the most out of your chatbot. Additionally, they have over 950 templates ready for you to use while creating your chatbot. 

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MobileMonkey Chatbot Features

If you are looking to use Chatbots across multiple platforms, MobileMonkey may be the Chatbot builder for your business! MobileMonkey, like other platforms, has a drag and drop interface and boasts that you can be up and running with its chatbot in 5 minutes! This platform has a variety of chat widgets, images and GIFs that can be used across multiple platforms.

MobileMonkey uses OmniChat to assist you in any errors you may have while setting up your chatbot and know their chatbot is a business leader in sales, customer support, and marketing needs. This chatbot allows users to send messages across web pages, Instagram, Facebook, e-mail systems, and 1-1 communications. If a client needs a menu, for example, this can automatically be sent to them via MobileMonkey services!

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Chatbot technology

Chatbot technology: Web-based App & Standalone App

As per recent data from MIT Technology Review,  90% of companies claim to have seen significant improvements in the speed with which complaints are resolved when using chatbots. Natural language processing, or NLP, is at the foundation of chatbot technology. It’s the same technology that powers voice recognition algorithms in virtual assistants such as Google Now, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Chatbots, also known as “conversational agents,” are software applications that simulate interactions or contact with a real person by emulating written or spoken human speech. Visitors can interact with chatbots in one of two ways: through web-based applications or standalone apps. Oday, chatbots are most commonly used in the customer service industry, taking over tasks that were previously done by humans, such as Tier-1 support operations and customer satisfaction reps.

Chatbots Overall

According to an estimate, there are nearly 2 billion digital buyers globally. As a result, chatbots appear to be a viable option for businesses looking to scale their customer support using artificial intelligence.

Finding the right chatbot service can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing what you need is the key to choosing the correct chatbot for your business! Regardless of the chatbot system you choose, you must always keep a customer-friendly mindset while designing a chatbot for your organization. Think about the following questions to guide you as you create your bot.

  • What issues are your customers facing while connecting with your company? 
  • How can your chatbot assist them in achieving their objectives? 

Creating a conversational, data-driven, and a personalized virtual assistant helps you scale your business with customer support like never before! 

Ready to use AI-powered chatbots to transform your customer experience? Contact us today to get started.