Ranking The Best Online Video Editing Software [Free & Paid]

With the exceptional growth of digital content creation, it has become easier to create an online video that can be shared as a social media post, a portfolio, project, or use for other purposes. As per reports, 0ver 82% of internet traffic will be driven by online videos. However, it is not possible without online video editing software.

While many premium video editors are available online, we have compiled a list of the best free and paid online video editing software based on their features such as speed, aspect ratio, video effects, the export process, sound, and others. Let’s get started on the best video editing software.


Top Video Editing Software In The Market

Whether you need to edit video, add text, or special effects, here are the best video editing software with exceptional features and tools.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere pro is perhaps the best video editor. Premiere Pro offers impressive features and provides value for money. It is easy to use on Windows and Linux as well. Adobe premiere pro is a professional-level digital video editing software with excellent collaboration tools.

Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker is another popular online video editing software that works on almost any computer (macOS and Linux). You can edit videos, crop clips, add special effects, audio, and upload to social media channels.

Apple Final Cut Pro

It is considered an expensive video editing software, exclusively for professionals. However, it is super easy and intuitive. Apple Final Cut Pro also offers valuable tools that remove the camera and other devices from a 360 image.


Apple’s free iMovie is the best free video editing software, perhaps the best in the market today. However, it only offers only two video editings but does an excellent job with chroma-keying. iMovie comes with trailer features, allowing Hollywood-style production.


Frankly speaking, YouTube goes for a simpler and convenient video editing. You can integrate it with one of the free video editing software ‘Lightworks’ and pour your creativity with this powerful combination. It has a range of free video editing tools. However, they won’t add a professional touch.

Movie Maker Online

Should I Pay For Premium Online Video Editing Features?

Unlike free video editing software, paid or premium video editors tend to have more features than free ones. These advantages may include software updates, premium resources to fix bugs, tools to improve video editing, and more. However, premium video editing software is expensive, such as Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

So, unless you are a pro and time is money, you can bear using free video editing software.

What Video Editing Software Features Should I Consider?

You should keep the following features in mind while buying premium video editing software to create and edit videos for social media, YouTube, or other purposes.

  • Ease of use
  • Video format support
  • Advanced Video Editing Tools
  • Special effects/music and other features
  • Round the clock customer support

The Bottom Line

The video editing software you choose greatly depends on your budget. While professional video editors use paid video editing software, you need not do the same. You can choose from the free video editing software until you need to create videos for advertisements.