Things To Do In Port St Lucie

Nestled on the charming Treasure Coast of Florida, Port St Lucie is a gorgeous town. Bringing a bag full of exciting and peaceful things to do in Port St Lucie, the town fathoms a rich history and an even more beautiful present!  With warm temperatures all around the year, there are several sites for travelers and residents to visit, such as Port St Lucie River, Spruce Bluff Preserve, Lucie Botanical Gardens, River Lilly Cruises, veterans park, Jensen beach, etc. You can also indulge in various beach activities and water sports like fishing, scuba diving, and several others. Port St Lucie is truly a gem and deserves a planned trip to visit and enjoy the full glory of the town. With an abundance of options, confusion tags along.

Port St Lucie Review brings you a detailed list of calming and adventurous things to do in Port St Lucie. Here we will discuss all the best beaches, parks, aquariums, the entertainment center, art gallery, and other fun things and fun games in Port St Lucie. This list will help you plan out your trip to the town with things that catch your eye in an instance.


Visit The Historic Sites, Art Gallery Of Port St Lucie

Searching for things to do in Port St Lucie can jog up your brain. Evidently, when the town offers several historical sites and Civic Center Art Gallery, it is possible to feel overwhelmed and confused about where to start exploring. The best way to enjoy the glorious history and artistic side of the town is by visiting the historical sites and centers. Explore the Spruce Bluff Preserve to witness the historic landscape of the town and get a closer nip at nature. 

On the other hand, Civic Center Art Gallery presents you with the finest artworks of Port St Lucie. If you are at all a historical buff, then visiting the sites mentioned below is definitely going to be a treat for your eyes – 

  • The National Navy SEAL Museum is located in Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie.
  • A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery
  • Zora Neale Hurston Gravesite
  • Civic Center Art Gallery
  • Spruce Bluff Preserve
  • River Park Marina
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Explore Parks and St Lucie Aquatic Preserve

Are you a green panther? Then one of the best things to do in Port St Lucie is undoubtedly to explore the parks and preserves. It won’t be wrong to call Port St Lucie – the house of gardens, with over 40 unique parks! Spruce Bluff Preserve, Oxbow Eco-Center, Paleo Hammock Preserve, and Bluefield Ranch Preserve will take a closer to the flora and fauna of Florida’s Treasure Coast – Port St Lucie. Plan out a trek at these preserves or a simple picnic amidst nature. Regardless, exploring these sites is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Port St Lucie. 

Apart from these reserves, Port St Lucie is also home to several parks: Veterans Park, Oak Hammock Park, Jessica Clinton Park, Clover park, Hillmoor lake park, and many others. Contrary to the greens, you can also dive deeper into the marine life of the town at Port St Lucie Aquatic Preserve.

Savannas Preserve State Park - Hiking Trails Of Port St Lucie

Want to do something adventurous? How about hiking trails? Hiking at Savannas Preserve State Park is one of the best things to do in Porth St Lucie. Nestled in the Port St Lucie County, this preserve will lift up your spirits! Being the heart of the city, you might expect the hustle-bustle of the city, but in reality, it is the complete opposite. Providing travelers with serenity, quiet, and calmness, hiking here will be a fun way to spend time with your family and friends.  The hiking trail here is more than 15 miles and is ideal for outdoor adventures.

You can fish, go horseback riding, kayaking, or biking. You can easily spend your day out in this preserve. Along with this, Savannas is only a mile from Jensen Beach, where you can try other water sports like scuba diving. Among many things to do in Port St Lucie, uncovering the pristine glory of this preserve tops the list!

Enjoy Fishing Spree At The Best Locales In Port Saint Lucie

Fort Pierce, nestled in Port St Lucie, is renowned for being a hub for fishing. Planning a trip to Port St Lucie and not going fishing would be your biggest regret. Also, fishing is one of the best things to do in Port St Lucie. Whether you want to focus on inshore fishing or offshore, there is a place for all! Go towards the Indian River Lagoon for inshore and towards the Atlantic ocean for offshore fishing. You can easily avail yourself of a charter (and a captain for an even better experience), and they will direct you to the best spots!

If patience is your best suit, you can even visit the golf courses or arrange for a game of miniature golf in entertainment centers! Certainly, the town is a wholesome package of amazing things to do in Port St. Lucie!

Stride Along The Beaches in Port St Lucie

Missing the beach? Port St Lucie has got you covered. Renowned for its glistening beaches, there are a lot of activities that you can indulge in to unlock the full potential of beaches in Port St Lucie. Jensen Beach and Walton Rock Beach are two of the most renowned beaches offering pristine scenery with the golden hue of the sun melting into the turquoise water!  You can opt for beach sports such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, etc. Along with this, you can opt for Treasure Coast Boat Rentals and enjoy the tranquil views of the water! 

Port St Lucie is a town with a rich history and many things to do. We can assure you that there won’t be a dull day here!