Weather In Port St Lucie

Knowing the exact weather in Port St Lucie makes it easy for you to explore the city and spend time in pleasing weather. However,  people often look to escape to an uncrowded and relaxing Florida destination – Port Saint Lucie FL. The reason people choose this city as a destination place is – the city is rich in beautiful beaches, big palm trees, shopping centres, and splendid imagery that attracts and a lot more. Apart from this, the weather is one of the major reasons to move here and explore the natural beauty of the city. The average temperature in Port St Lucie is warm year-round with low humidity. However, the city has an abundance of cloudy and sunny days.

No matter how soothing or pleasing the Saint Lucie FL weather is, one of the most asked questions is the best time to explore Port St Lucie Florida. Indeed, the weather in Port St Lucie is excellent to spend time outside at the beaches or on the golf course. Whether planning a trip, relocation or else, it might be hard to go without a weather forecast. Here in this guide let us help you know about the climate and temperature of the city.


Climate And Weather Year Around In Port Saint Lucie FL

Generally, the weather in Port St Lucie FL is warm throughout the year. It is because the summers in the city are long, hot, and mostly cloudy. Talking about the winters – they are short, windy, comfortable, partly sunny and cloudy. Throughout the year, the temperature basically varies from 55 degrees F to 89 degrees F and is below 41 degrees F and above 91 degrees F. Moreover, the hot season lasts for four months, from May to September with an average daily temperature above 86 degrees F. It is recorded that the hottest month in Port St Lucie is August with an average temperature of 89 degrees F and low of 75 degrees F. 


Further, the winter or cool season lasts for two and half months starting from December to February. The daily average temperature is below 76 degrees F. However, the coldest month of the year in Port St Lucie FL is January, with an average temperature of 56 degrees F and goes up to 73 degrees F. Throughout the year Port St Lucie Florida has nice and pleasing weather that can lure anyone to explore the city, witness its sublime beauty, and capture some beautiful moments spent in the city.

Cloudiest Month Of The Year

Do you want to roam the streets in Port St Lucie FL? Or do you want to visit shopping centers or Florida malls to buy yourself something? Whatever your plans are – cloudy months will add glory to your experience while exploring the city streets with passing clouds and make your mood refresh. Wondering which is the cloudiest month of the year in Port St Lucie Florida? The average percentage of the sky covered by clouds experiences a significant seasonal variation during the course of the year.

Before talking about the cloudy part of the year, it’s crucial to know that the clearer part of the year in Port St Lucie starts in October and ends in June. So, this part lasts for about 7-8 months. Well, the clearest month of the year is February. This month the sky is mostly clear or partly cloudy 65% of the time. Coming back to the cloudy part of the year, it begins around June and lasts for about 4.2 months, and ends in October. The cloudiest month of the year in Port St Lucie is June when the sky is overcast and mostly cloudy about 68% of the time.

Wind Waves In Port St Lucie, Florida

Months Of Rainfall In Port St Lucie

If you love rain and enjoy spending time in the rain, you will definitely want to explore Port St Lucie during the rainy season. Like other seasons, Port St Lucie FL weather also experiences a rainy season which makes this city more beautiful and pleasing. There is no doubt that the city has extreme seasonal variations throughout the year with a few showers with isolated thunderstorms. In fact, rail falls throughout the year in Port St Lucie. However, the month that has the most rain in the city is June with an average rainfall of 5.6 inches. Whereas the month with the least rainfall in Port St Lucie is December with an average rainfall of 1.7 inches.

During the rainy season, in Port St Lucie, you can explore many places such as palm trees, beaches, amusement parks, and botanical gardens to witness the beauty of the city. You will surely enjoy the time with your family or friends as the rainy season is the ideal time to visit these places. Moreover, the moments you will capture in the city will be exceptional and extraordinary for you to preserve forever.

Wind Waves In Port St Lucie, Florida

The wind speed in Port Saint Lucie varies with the seasonal variation throughout the year. The windy part of the year in the city lasts for about 7.6 months. Starting from October and ending with May, the average east wind speed is more than 1.9 miles per hour. The windiest month of the year in Port Saint Lucie is March with an average per hour speed of the wind is 11.2 miles. However, the calmer time of the year lasts for 4.4 months from May to October.

Moreover, the calmest month of the year is July with an average wind speed of 7.0 miles per hour. Undoubtedly, the wind speed in Port Saint Lucie changes throughout the year. The southeast wind is seldom from the east for 4.3 months from February to June. Moreover, the city is recorded to have standard and pleasant air quality in Florida.  In order to explore the city, the weather forecast is important for you to know.